About Us


Hello beautiful soul!  Thank you for visiting.   A little about me...  By day I am a Critical Care nurse at a Level I Trauma hospital in Denver, CO.  By night I am passionate about holistic healing practices and functional medicine.  I have, through personal experience, come to believe fully in the power of healing from the inside out and am on a mission to bridge the gaps between symptom based medicine and whole system healing.

My jewelry making journey started around age 10 and I have always dreamed of starting a jewelry business.  For years, I built up my collection of curated gems and metals from international and local gem shows. This was until 2017, when my collection was stolen out of the trunk of my car during a move out of my ex's house.  I was devastated.  This was at a point in my life when I knew God was making all things new.  I was living in a friend's basement, applying to nursing schools, and more or less bed ridden with Lyme Disease.  I had no choice but to believe in a bigger plan and a still small voice whispered to me to narrow my focus onto my own healing and path before me.

Slowly but surely I rebuilt my collection.  This time with a narrowed focus on what felt healing to my overwhelmed nervous system, natural gemstone mala beads.  Creating malas became a form of meditation and sheer joy to my heart.  Now the time has come to share this gift with the world, it is an honor and a privilege to me.  I hope these malas bring you as much or more joy and healing as they have come to bring me.